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10 great scores and soundtracks

In memory of the late Johan Johansson, our writers choose their favourite movie music… Sicario: “Sicario is perhaps the late Jóhann Jóhannsson’s best work, his score fitting in perfectly with the film, a crime thriller on the war on drugs. The score is dark, brooding and unearthly and as Johannsson himself described it, like “the…

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Review: Sicario

Denis Villeneuve has shown his mantle in the past for injecting gritty thrills with a wonderful aesthetic. Sicario carries on this path, showing the war against drugs through the eyes of an inexperienced FBI agent, giving it the dark edge the director is known for. The story is layered and deep, and you’re constantly questioning…

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Military might and female archetypes scrutinised by Sicario

I needn’t speak for the superlative direction, incredible score and cinematography of Villeneuve’s work – they speak for themselves. What I consider one of Sicario’s greatest strengths, and I think it’s most subtle, is its critique of the military macho-archetype that was honed and popularised in the 80s films. This finds its legacy in films…