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Bizarre Science: Do you need a brain to sleep?

Human sleep is defined by polysomnography: the movement of brain activity, eye movement, and muscle tone. However, as science progresses, varied research of sleep in other species has provided new definitions. When scientists began to inquire whether we needed a brain to sleep, they started investigating sleep schedules of creatures such as Hydra vulgaris  –…


Can we actually read our dreams?

Dreams have long been associated as portals for divine wisdom. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks declared them the messenger service of the Gods, and described dreams as visitations from the heavens. Even in recent times, many notable figures have claimed their most famous ideas have come to them in dreams. Mary Shelley bore Frankenstein from…

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Thick silence. Broken by the heavy blur of spluttered coughs from wheezing lips, the sticky sound of shuddered breath through crusted noses slicing the quiet from all directions. A room cut by a plagued knife. Sunken eyes reach out from faded white faces, black and blue bags hanging loosely beneath swollen bloodshot pupils. Hair, a…


UEA launches pioneering dementia research

It is well known that there is a link between sleep disturbance and dementia. Good sleep is essential to maintain cognitive activity such as memory recall – a task people with dementia often struggle with as the disease progresses. However, scientists are still trying to underpin the nature of this relationship: whether sleep disturbances are…


Updates to the RSE curriculum

2020 is set to see the introduction of a new and updated RSE (Relationships & Sex Education) curriculum in primary and secondary schools in the UK. Primary school children are to be taught about their own wellbeing through acts of simple self-care, such as teaching the importance of sleep and spending time outside with friends…

Sex Survey 2019

The farcical one night stand

I’m sure all of us are all too familiar with the tale: it’s first year, first semester, you’re at the LCR, and you’ve most definitely had one too many blue VK’s. Girl sees boy, girl says two words to boy, and boy responds by falling on top of girl. It’s at that moment you conclude…


Beat the deadline pressures: Solutions for sleepless nights

As the end of term approaches, our routines are transformed into endless days sat in the library, surrounded by books and sat staring at our laptop screens desperately awaiting the arrival of some intellectual inspiration. The inevitable all-nighters many of us are familiar with mean that we don’t get nearly as much sleep as we…

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