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Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain

The tune to Oklahoma plays on the school bells as I hurry from the top of campus to the bottom. It is -7 degrees celsius but my Snapchat is blowing up with people drinking snakebites in the UEA square. My campus, is a dry campus. Oklahoma is a difficult place for most people to point…

Sex Survey 2019

Dick pics on the rise

Something that has been prevalent in the modern age of dating: receiving ‘dick pics’. A baffling phenomenon that often occurs in the midst of a conversation, when a (usually) male counterpart sends a photo of his genitalia without the consent of the person on the receiving end. A recent YouGov study states that one in…


Book review: Things to Make and Break

Though it’s incredibly frustrating for some, I’ve always adored what I call ‘snapshot’ stories, which only reveal a small piece of a bigger – but ultimately non-existence – picture; the rest is up to us, the readers, to conjure up. In Things to Make and Break, May-Lan Tan takes this notion of ‘snapshotting’ to a…


Snapchat’s self-sabotage

The new Snapchat update is angering users, including myself. An online petition against the app update has collected over 1.2 million signatures so far, suggesting that the update is absolutely terrible. The new update means that people’s ‘stories’ can no longer be viewed on the right-hand screen; in its place a ‘discovery page’ has been…


Should Snapchat be banned?

The premise of Snapchat is a relatively simple one; you send pictures or videos to one, or more of your Snapchat followers for no real purpose other than a bit of fun. Selfies, scenery, someone falling over, anything. The beauty of Snapchat, as anyone above the age of 14 and below 22 knows, is that…

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