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Public speaking always terrified me. I hated the sound of my own voice Amplified through the microphone, Every crack of my throat audible against the silence of the room. I feared the multitude of faces Staring at me like dolls lined up in a toyshop, Their marble eyes glued to my body. I shuddered at…


The Indie Genre

In the second of his three-part celebration of indie’s 40th year, Lewis Oxley discusses how it left its DIY roots and established itself as a popular genre. As the 1980s dragged on, the independent music scene was flourishing more than its founding fathers could ever have imagined. The success of Factory and Rough Trade’s lead…


The death of the record collection

Progress in Sound With easy access and an abundance of songs, it is no wonder streaming is becoming one of the most popular ways to listen to music. Legally streaming opens up a world of possibilities in which you can test compatibility with all different genres. Streaming becomes an online record store with unlimited browsing….


Shame Review

Cheers subside, the crowd crackles electric. A single spotlight has snapped on, silhouetting through piped smoke guitarist Sean Coyle-Smith. Backlit, he lets the room hang like this a moment – then he carves into Dust on Trial, the opener to debut LP Songs of Praise. The riff builds to a crescendo, heart rates rise, the…


Miles Kane: 100 Miles an hour

A night fused with the good, the bad and the cool, one half of the Last Shadow Puppets, Miles Kane unleashed a highly intense and exhilarating show to save the crowd from the bluest of Monday evenings. Kane is well known for his high-octane stage manner and endearing character, and he certainly had now intentions of…


Playlists go political

The Clash – (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais In acknowledging his frustrations for a lack of cooperation in White Riot, Strummer’s Hammersmith seems to show him accepting the fact that what he wants cannot be, and casting blame onto a certain suited and booted rock band, the British public and punk rockers. Danny Nedelko –…


#MeToo in music

You often hear people talk of how music has helped them through dark times, rather than into them. But, since 2017 and the rise of the #MeToo movement, many artists have been exposed for sexual harassment. The intimate connection between band and fan, especially in the emo and pop punk scene, can lead to murky…


The LCMarr

Johnny Marr is undisputed music royalty, idolised as a king, if not a god, by fans of The Smiths, Modest Mouse, and Electronic (a sliver of his myriad projects). Thus, news of his return to Norwich evoked a wave of anticipation, spearheaded by memories of his melodic, chirping guitar and melancholic lyrics. Though, if Marr…

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