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TV made the soundtrack star

You may not even realise it, but a TV soundtrack has the ability to make or break a series. A good one can be the icing on the cake, but if the series is already average at best, a TV soundtrack that fails to compliment the various moods and storylines within, can turn it into…


Fatherson: Scot-rock takeover

It seems somewhat fitting that Fatherson have arrived in Norwich on World Mental Health Day. The band have always been candid with mental health and feelings of loneliness, painting a cinematic background that has united a cult fanbase in singalongs and earnest connection. Ever huge on record, the band face the challenge of keeping their…


You Me At Six: reVItalisation

Surrey-bred rock band, You Me At Six, have given us their sixth album, conveniently titled VI (just in case you forgot). Whilst eclectic would be stretching it, styles do switch throughout providing something for everyone as long as you like rock. It is refreshing to hear a band that have previously done so well by…


35mm: documenting music

Becoming more and more popular, the music documentary is hard to define. A diverse medium, it can serve as a person’s biography, narrate an artist’s musical life, explore a genre or be a recording of a performance. All to inform or entertain us, the viewership. Amy covers the life of Amy Winehouse, a member of…


Soundtracking your nightmares

The soundtrack to any horror is vital. Jason Voorhees’ killing spree would hardly work as a horror if it was set to 80’s staple Girls Just Want to Have Fun. The legendary chestburster scene in Alien would be a non-starter if Freddie Mercury was belting out his desire to break free as it happened. It…


The Sounds of Hauntery

We all have those memories. The one level in that one game you played as a kid that scared enough that just a little bit of poop would come out. Here are just a few classics from the vault of ‘Mommy, I don’t want to play this game anymore’. Giygas’ Theme (Earthbound) – Here is…


The importance of being well scored

Often, we barely notice them. Sometimes, the odd track moves us enough to search for its source online. Then there’s that one film. That one film where the soundtrack surpasses the content of the actual film itself, or at the very least completely enhances your experience of the feature. Picture a film with no sound….

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The Music of Fallout 4

For a number of reasons music is hard to get right in video games. Firstly, there is the balance between the game’s original score and the collection of licensed music to get right. The original score helps to set the atmosphere and set the tone, with a number of set pieces which help you to…

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Most Terrifying Art

With Halloween fast approaching we delve into the scarefest realms of Carrie, Freddy Krueger and Count Dracula. Our deep fascination with fright has been evident throughout our evolution. Considering what is the most terrifying art out there, we come across some truly spine-tingling, hair-raising pieces. There’s something about horror, whether it be movies or their…

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