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Spanish Rapper’s Arrest Sparks Protests

The arrest of Catalonian musician Pablo Hasél has sparked protests over free speech and the country’s penal code. Hasél was arrested on Tuesday by anti-riot police following a 24-hour standoff in a university, sparking protests across Spain. The Rapper has been given a nine-month sentence for glorifying terrorist acts on his social media accounts and…


Guy Fawkes and the People’s Vote

Remember, remember the People’s Vote campaign. It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it? Anyway, I’m going to answer the question on everyone’s mind. The answer to Brexit, you ask? Err no, it’s far more important than that. This is the question of whether Guy Fawkes would support a second referendum. In…


The vibrant city of Madrid

Imagine escaping your daily routine and spending one year in the sunny capital of Spain. This magical city made me fall in love with it, once and forever. Walking down the narrow colourful streets I was exploring new places every day. So, let me explain how exactly Madrid managed to win my heart. Madrid is…


Catalonia declares independence

After years of public demonstrations demanding Catalan independence, political opposition, and finishing with the violent reaction of the Spanish national police, the Catalan parliament voted for a unilateral declaration of independence from Spain. The vote followed a referendum at the start of the month in which, despite being declared as illegal and anti-constitutional by the…


Catalonia: Crisis mounts

The situation in Catalonia is getting closer to breaking point, as the Spanish government has said it will meet to discuss invoking Article 155 of the national consitution. This would remove autonomy from Catalonia. The region’s leader Mr. Puigdemont has said the Parliament will vote on independence if Spain continues its repression. Direct rule from…


Spain: Catalonia chaos

The push for Catalonian independence has been gaining momentum in recent years, and the region finally held a referendum of secession on 1 October, in defiance of the Spanish Supreme Court. Catalan president Carles Puidgemont reported that out of the 2.3 million votes cast, 90 percent had backed independence. While he claims that this gives…

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