Unrecognised hero in STEM: Dame Jocelyn Bell

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell is one of the most highly recognised figures in modern astronomy, famed for her discovery of the very first radio pulsars whilst undertaking her PhD at the University of Cambridge. Controversially, it was not her, but her supervisor Antony Hewish who received the Nobel Prize for their discovery.  Born in 1943…


Black Representation in STEM

A report commissioned by the Royal Society earlier this year outlines alarming figures on the number of Black academic staff in STEM-related fields. This development is part of an ongoing discussion regarding the lack of ethnic diversity in STEM within the UK at all stages of career progression. Using diversity statistics from the years spanning…


UEA launches ‘Productivity East’

UEA has launched a new centre devoted to engineering, technology, and management on its award-winning campus. Announced back in 2019, the focus of the centre, called Productivity East, is set to improve productivity, and address global challenges related to manufacturing, while finding innovative ways to support the region’s manufacturing and technology sectors. The hope is…


Why we need women leading in science

We know there is a gender gap in STEM. 35% of STEM students are women, yet we represent only 15% of STEM leaders and managers.   Young children of all genders show equal interest in science, yet by age 10 when asked to draw a picture of a scientist, young girls are twice as likely to…


Closing the gender gap in science

29.3% of the world’s researchers, professionals “engaged in the conception or creation of new knowledge”, are women. Women are 24% of the core STEM workforce in the UK and are 35% of STEM students. Women make up 39% of physical sciences students, but 19% in engineering, computing, and technology. No studies consider gender minorities in…


I’m not a scientist, but…

I’m not a scientist but, I’d love to see more easily accessible and reliable scientific information on social media/everyday life. The current media stream puts out a lot of science based content, but like many others, I am often unsure of how reliable the information is, or if there has been a clickbait title and…


International Women’s Day UEA

11 February 2019 saw women all over the world coming together to celebrate International Women’s Day, and UEA was no different. Female scientists at UEA celebrated their successes and offered advice to young women who are unsure about pursuing a career in science. They were part of a day organised by the United Nations General…


Tuition fee proposals

Two-tier undergraduate tuition fees have been considered by the Higher Education Review. As part of the UK Government’s Higher Education Review, due for publication in early 2019, there has been unconfirmed reports that the Review’s recommendation will be to set different tuition fees for arts and science students. It has been widely reported that under…

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