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Is blackface ever okay?

In September of this year, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was caught in a firestorm of controversy with the media, facing criticism for wearing an Arabian Nights themed costume during a party in the early 2000s, with the costume involving the use of makeup to create ‘brownface’. Of course, Trudeau released an apology stating his regret…



Based on a true event, Hustlers tells the story of a group of strip club dancers who, after the 2008 economic collapse, decide to commit fraud by drugging their male patrons and stealing their money. The cinematography within the film was excellent, even more so when one takes into consideration the film was shot in…


Can men be feminists?

I think it is fair to say that feminism today is very different from 60 years ago. It is constantly changing, and as it has evolved it has grown increasingly complex and we are confronted with more and more questions about its meaning and aims. One question which is gradually gaining relevance as the feminist…


What is it like as a graduate woman going into the workforce?

You’ve done it. You’ve swam your way through the Sportspark pool in your cap and gown. You’re officially a ‘proper’ adult, ready to face the world of graduate jobs. Yet of the swimmers who have spent approximately the last three years partying in the LCR and enduring late-night library sessions, a large group will go…


Decolonising the curriculum isn’t extreme

A report on ethnicity challenges in university by the Office for Students published this month has questioned the ways we ‘draw on ‘non-western’ and non-white forms of knowledge in our teaching’. It asks, ‘in what ways can we revise our curricula to ensure we offer ‘decolonised’ approaches to our teaching and assessments?’ Finally it addresses…


‘I lived in constant fear’

These are the words of Nazma Khan, who founded World Hijab Day, which was on 1 February 2018. Khan immigrated to New York from Bangladesh when she was just 11. ‘Wearing a hijab was a direct sign that I was Muslim, I lived in constant fear. I was called names such as Osama Bin Laden…


Identity: On screen

Identity, a gripping psychological thriller in its own right, offers an unusual insight into one of the most misconstrued mental illnesses explored on film. The film follows two seemingly unconnected plots – the trial of a serial killer and the mass killing of a group of ten people stranded at a motel. However, with a…

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Gender in Fashion

When it comes to fashion, there has always been a divide of gender – womenswear and menswear sections in stores and online, promoting clothing that is suitably masculine or feminine, as well as pieces that are cut differently for their presumed consumers’ measurements. Skirts are available in womenswear, a plethora of baggy trousers, trendy jumpers…


“You can’t sit with us!”

Friendships, stereotypes and popularity at university In my egocentric bubble I strolled into UEA awaiting the cool, hilarious, minimally annoying friends who super-cool me has always deserved. Days passed, weeks passed and excluding the odd ‘lad’, all I encountered were “actual human beings”. ERGH! At UEA it seems our homage to Mean Girls is reserved…

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