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Game Opinions: What in the world is Dungeons and Dragons?

Dungeons and Dragons, otherwise known as D&D, is often understood as a ‘fantasy tabletop role playing game’ designed in the late 70s as an evolution from miniature wargames such as War Hammer.  In fact, you may have only heard of D&D because it was featured on the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, so without wishing…


The philosophy of… The OA

A woman named Prairie is discovered after her seven-year-long disappearance, after jumping off of a bridge, and having her sight miraculously returned to her. And yet, The OA packs these revelations into the first ten minutes of the first episode! What unwinds through ten tantalising episodes are two simultaneous plots – Prairie’s life and subsequent…


Sex Education – It’s not all about sex, did you know?

From the ever-reliable Netflix comes a new series with a surprisingly good following. Sex Education sets itself up for failure, with a crass name reminiscent of previous endeavours: Sex Tape, Sex Ed, Sex Drive… designed to lure in a young and impressionable crowd whose intentions were all but to kick back and actually think. The…


Luther BBC review

BBC saw in the New Year in style with the long anticipated fifth series of Luther. It seemed to be all anyone was talking about for the two weeks before the first episode aired 1 January and the two weeks after the last aired 4 January. It was a short but sweet run, and one…


Altered States: Love without Limits

Louis Theroux describes polyamory as ‘the practice of pursuing multiple romantic relationships with the consent of all those involved.’ Also known as ethical non-monogamy, polyamory is a relationship lifestyle that seems to be on the rise. Even here at UEA, I know a number of people involving themselves in the polyamorous world or even what…


Christmas Highlights

Christmas TV often gets a bad rap; there’s too many repeats, not enough decent films on, and the comedy specials are cringeworthy. So, what is there going to be on the gogglebox this festive season that’s actually worth watching? Watership Down looks set to be the big event on BBC One this Christmas. A co-production…

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