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Summative stress-busters

Unfortunately, it’s that all-too-familiar time of year again. Whether you’re returning to university or settling in as a fresher, the first few weeks of term have flown by and the work load is piling up. Things are starting to get stressful, so here is my guide to the ultimate stress-busting songs, essential for those wind-down…


Dealing with Freshers pressures

Freshers is an exciting time, with so many new people and places to discover, but this can make it a daunting and difficult time for many.  With statistics from Which? University revealing that a third of students felt socially pressured at some stage during their first term, it is easy to see that the parties…


And if all else fails… Bad life advice

As exam season heaves into view once again, kick back and embrace your laziness with Peter Sheehan, Concrete’s very own wellness guru… Exams are tough. I know: I’ve taken plenty in my time. All too well do I remember the terror that grips the undergraduate heart as April slips coolly into May and the tick-tick tock of the exam…


The Pressures Of Academia

Humans routinely take themselves to the edge. We indulge in drink, drugs, extreme sports, frequently in copious quantities, but more often than not it’s work that stresses us out. Students are no exception. Anyone who visits the library observes the constant ebb and flow of stressed students. In the winter and summer months the library…


Thoughts of a third year

Going into your third year at university can be a rather daunting time and the thought of it being your final year in education may be scary, but just remember that everyone is in a similar situation to you and are going to face some of the following problems along the way: • As each…

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