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Second Hand September

Forget aimlessly wandering around Chapelfield the next time clothing inspiration strikes (or the student loan drops) and head into the older part of town to hunt for second hand bargains. There are a couple of havens around Norwich, where you can dig through baskets and rails of clothing to find pieces to add to your…


Threshold raised for student loans

From 6 April 2018, university graduates were able to earn more before they begin to repay their student loan. Changes to student finance increased the repayment threshold for English and Welsh undergraduates who started during or after September 2012 from £21,000 to £25,000 a year, with the threshold to be adjusted annually to remain in…


SLC under investigation

The Treasury Committee is to investigate the student loan system and the financial implications of tuition fees, joining two other committees also looking into higher education finances. Lead by Nicky Morgan MP, the probe will examine the repayment threshold and interest rates as students face rates of 6.1 percent. It will additionally assess the impact of…


Loan repayments to start at £25k

Speaking at the start of the Conservative Party conference in Manchester earlier this month, Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled plans to raise the earning threshold at which university graduates have to begin repaying their student debts to £25,000 per year. Currently, graduates begin to pay back their student loans once they earn more than…


Shop Savvy

Clothes shops tend to pick on students at their most vulnerable, just after they’ve received their student loan. Offering us some fantastic deals and discounts, which are very tempting indeed! While this is great, we often find ourselves almost buying a brand new wardrobe full of clothes, when really we didn’t want or need anywhere…

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