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‘A Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ – “Elegantly Considered”

‘A Portrait of a Lady on Fire’, directed by Céline Sciamma, could probably be watched without subtitles, as much of the story is unspoken, told instead through looks and images that constitute a power greater than the characters can express in words. This years winner of the Queer Palm at Cannes is set in 18th…

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‘Normal People’- “Lost in Translation”

I adored Sally Rooney’s second novel when it first shot to the top of bestseller lists in 2019, long before talks of film and television rights had begun. The prose was something very special: spare, terse, even, dare I say, plain; yet intense, potent, shrewd. It caught you off guard, masquerading as if it was…

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Rocketman: the journey from Reginald Dwight to Elton John

“I was in the cinema for about 15 minutes before I started crying… really sobbing, in that loud, unguarded, emotionally destroyed way”. Upon viewing the rough cut of his biopic ‘Rocketman’, Elton John was completely overcome by emotion; it seems that this was an extremely vulnerable process for him, which makes it unsurprising that the…

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