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University to award £1,000 visual arts bursary

A £1,000 bursary is available for a UEA undergraduate studying in any discipline, to pursue a project in the visual arts. Alongside their formal academic studies, this award aims to support students, aged between 17 and 25, to engage in their interest in contemporary visual art. This can include fine art, photography and curation. The…


A guide to New Year’s resolutions

‘My New Year’s resolution, is to stick to my resolutions’, a promise that I have made to myself on multiple occasions. Resolutions polarise public opinion. Some adore them, some despise them. There is something to be said for setting resolutions: they inspire change, self-improvement and achievement, which can pave the way for a brilliant year….


Genetics research ‘biased towards studying white Europeans’

Professor David Curtis, a geneticist and psychiatrist from University College London, has raised an issue concerning the heavy bias within genetic research towards white Europeans. Prof Curtis claims that the utilisation of white European samples for genetic tests are insignificant when applied to other ethnic minorities because of genetic variation between ethnicities. Curtis wrote a…


Floor 01 vs Floor 3 study rooms

Saoirse Smith-Hogan on Floor 01’s flexibility 01 – the Juan. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful view of other people working very hard, but you can also enjoy the equally exquisite view of the back of Suffolk Terrace. Inside, students have a choice of study areas. You can either study alone, with the teal…

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Review – Sonocent Audio Notetaker

The gathering up of research information is often a daunting time-consuming task for students; one that seemingly never simplifies, nor accelerates. Undergraduates prone to leaving secondary sourcing to the final hours before an essay hand-up, postgraduates with figurative years of archive fever to process into something cohesive-note-taking and its writing up are battles which never…


University study finds later work submission linked to lower marks

Think again before you procrastinate next time. Researchers at Warwick Business School tracked the online assignment submission of 777 undergraduate marketing students for five years and concluded that marks can drop by 5% on average if you hand in work at the last minute. While students who submitted their work 24 hours before the deadline…

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