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Can a woman who sells makeup be a feminist?

Yes: it is no surprise that women are bombarded and pressured by the media to maintain high beauty standards every day. In fact, it’s impossible to even discuss the makeup industry and those who actually work in it without considering these standards, or the physical insecurities they can feed on. Many go as far as…


Double denim: classic, cosy and casual

Double denim has an established reputation, the fabric has been a staple for over 100 years. It’s versatility and durability makes it ideal everyday wear. When you see double denim worn you might shudder, but double denim has evolved from the faded blue on faded blue, Cowboys or 90’s teenagers into the latest fashion trend….


BROCKHAMPTON: the same again

The genre-defying, Honda-swerving, harbingers of musical mayhem have returned, with more explosive aggression, soulful introspection and turn-up slappers. Despite a larger gap between albums than fans are accustomed to, it doesn’t seem like they’ve done much to change their musical formula; instead more work has gone into perfecting their sound and vision. On previous albums…


Bring the Martinis Because A Simple Favour is a Trip

“Secrets are like margarine, easy to spread, bad for the heart.” Literally. Paul Feig and Jessica Sharzer’s vivacious adaptation of Darcey Bell’s 2017 addictive novel, A Simple Favour, brings together the famous faces of Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect), Blake Lively (The Age of Adelaide) and Crazy Rich Asians breakout Henry Golding to produce a two punch…

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No Shave November – what are the trends?

The facial hair trend continues to grow, reaching popularity in 2013 and still showing no signs of decline. Now we are in the midst of ‘No Shave November’ (also known as ‘Movember’), and with winter approaching, beards are just as popular as ever. When it comes to growing facial hair, the way you style your…

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My Wardrobe: Brett Mottram

Anyone curious enough to look inside my wardrobe would be confronted by a forest of shirts. Just imagine the fur coats in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. These shirts are hardly up to Gatsby’s standards, but I like them. In mostly pastel shades, but with vibrant exceptions, they’re suitable for any weather, and…

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Campus Catwalk

Charlie Beech – Third Year Economics: It seems that in every issue of Campus Catwalk there always seems to be that one guy that still manages to catch our attention when dressed in the classic jeans and a t-shirt combo. But where Charlie and the other Campus Catwalk jeans and t-shirt wearers differ from your…

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