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Preparing for the picturesque Peru

“Yeah, you can go!” was not the kind of response I expected from my mother, who has been extremely strict ever since I was young, when I asked if I could go on a volunteering trip to a country that is tremendously far away from home – Peru. No one in my family seemed surprised…


A return to gaming

For as long as I can remember, the best days of my childhood were my summers.  Filled with days off school, the lush green grass and walks by the beach, there was always something beautiful about the season. However, more than the beauty in full growth around me, summer held great memories because I knew…


Hot Chip at The LCR – 24/10/19

It may be cold outside, but in the Nick Raynes LCR Hot Chip were serving up a warm sound bath of summery dance music vibes. When the vibrations flowed up from beneath the floorboards through my feet, I could not help but smile (and, of course, dance like a maniac), as I was transported by…

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