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Research reveals a new side of the sun

The sun’s surface has been a hot topic amongst scientists for generations, with the first image of the sun being taken way back in 1845 by French Physicist Louis Fizeau. The photograph only captured the star as a black and white image. This starkly contrasts the newest image of the sun, which shows a bright,…

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Steve Jones at the Autumn Literary Festival

  It was ironic to be face-to-face with the radiant orange glow of Steve Jones’ newest title Here Comes the Sun just minutes after standing out in a typical grey October drizzle. Yet blindingly obvious that the title would make me hum in glee to the Beatles despite my sodden shoes and tangled hair.   With…


Skincare and travelling

Our skin is a very delicate protection layer of our body and requires a lot of tender loving care to keep it hydrated and happy. In the midst of the excitement of travelling, skincare is one aspect of our lives that we tend to neglect, alongside our health. With the change in climates, being exposed…

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