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2018: The year of Bergman

Arts Editor Johanne Elster Hanson explores the multifaceted and highly influential work of filmmaker Ingmar Bergman in the year celebrating his centenary. 2018 marked the centenary of legendary Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman’s birth. Bergman, who wrote and directed more than 60 feature films, is widely viewed as one of the most influential filmmakers in history….


In brief

Coca-Cola exploring cannabis drinks   Drinks giant Coca-Cola has been in talks with a Canadian producer of marijuana to infuse the ingredient in their beverages. Cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive constituent of cannabis, can help ease inflammation, pain and cramping. It would be the first entry of a major manufacturer of non-alcoholic drinks to enter the market….


Coming to America

The queue for customs in Chicago takes two hours and my connecting flight has already left. I am crying. I leave my phone at the desk when checking my bags in for the next flight and don’t realise until I’m leaving the terminal. I cry more. A wonderful steward finds it for me and gives…


Sweden in political limbo after general election

After the general election on 9 September, Sweden seems to have split in half, with Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats), nestling ominously in the middle. The party of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Sosialdemokraterna (The Social Democrats), remained the country’s biggest party with 144 mandates, while the four centre-right parties making up the opposition, dubbed Alliansen (The Alliance),…

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