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Syria to hold presidential election in May

Syria will hold a presidential election next month on the 26th of May. The elected president will serve a 7 year term until 2028.  Current predictions suggest a likely win for incumbent President Bashar al-Assad, who has served since 2014. Assad received wide criticism after his first win, receiving 92% of the vote, in 2014….


200 airstrikes hit Idlib in three days

Idlib, situated near the border between Syria and Turkey, was subject to 200 air-strikes in three days at the end of January, presenting huge implications to civilians. Fighting in the Northern province of Syria, the last stronghold of the opposition to President Bashar al-Assad, has escalated in the last few weeks as the Syrian government…


‘It’s a shame and it’s infuriating’

In the wake of the announcement that ISIS had been defeated, the US withdrew troops from Syria, with an understanding that there wouldn’t be fighting between the Kurds and Turkey. However, President Erdogan took the opportunity to launch an invasion into Northern Syria and push back the US-backed Kurdish fighters. As a result, Trump sent…


IS bride Shamima Begum wants to return to UK

Shamima Begum, one of the three schoolgirls who left London to join so-called ISIS in 2015, has admitted the she has no regrets about joining the group, but now wants to return to the UK. In an interview with The Times, the 19-year-old described finding heads in bins and losing two children to illness during…


Syrian rebels continue to be bombarded

A February military offensive aimed at breaking the resolve of Damascus’ last rebel pockets has resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe, with 400,000 Syrians trapped in rebel-controlled Eastern Ghouta. Eastern Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, is controlled by a number of Salafi Islamist groups including Jaysh al-Islam, Ahrar al-Sham and Tahrir al-Sham, all three of whom…

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