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Students affected by UEA email outage

UEA students have been frustrated by problems accessing their university email accounts over the weekend, affecting students on and off campus. In some cases this has resulted in problems with students’ individual subscriptions to Microsoft Office, provided by the university, suggesting a problem with the software as a whole. Recent updates from the UEA Library Twitter…

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Top 5: Video Games Music

Most games tend to be filled with generic soundtrack ‘action music’, however this means when a soundtrack is good it stands out. In celebration of the Venue Mash Up Edition, I present to you my top five music pieces in gaming. It was hard, there were so many games I wish I could have mentioned….

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to the editor:

I am writing you to discuss the technology of Harleston toilets. Toilets are more intelligent and advanced than any of us realise. In the case of Harelston’s new, self-flushing toilets, technologically advanced toilets have also become a symbol of the divide between those who can pay to use toilets and those who cannot. Or, at…

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Lecture Lifeline

Let’s face it. Sometimes you just can’t make it through that one lecture. Whether you missed your morning coffee, you went a bit too hard at the Loft last night, or the professor is in a particular speedy mood. Sometimes it just seems impossible to get your notes up to standard. In cases like this,…

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Just the Outline

There is no arguing that UEA’s events are among the best in the country. With the LCR hosting world class acts from Ed Sheeran to Deadmau5 right on campus, and the Waterfront hosting consistently and frequently high calibre acts and club nights, students are not short of choice for a night out. Not limited to…

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