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Windows 10 – can Microsoft get it right?

Microsoft has a history of getting every other release of Windows terribly wrong. Windows Vista, for example, was full of bugs until Windows 7 patched things up. So will Windows 10 fix Microsoft’s mistakes from Windows 8? Inconsistent numbering system aside, the answer is still no. It’s important to note that the software is still…

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Big C, bright colours

Cancer grows in our bodies, and in our culture, from literature to movies. Some have tried using books. John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars details the lives of two cancer stricken children in love. TV shows like The Big C find a way to laugh at the ridiculousness of dying. Then there’s Tom Street,…


iPhone 6 preview

September is just around the corner, and with this, three things are certain. Norwich FC will be off to another disappointing start of the season. Freshers’ Week will leave you all the worse for wear, regardless of whether or not you actually belong there. And lastly, Apple will show off its new iPhone, bigger, shinier…

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