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Nightflyers – outdated and laughably clichéd

The new Netflix series, Nightflyers, an adaption of George R.R. Martin’s novella by the same name, is not worth its cost in time. If the series offered some of the elements that we know Martin to be good at, such as world and character building, the story would have a certain credibility, however it is…

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Poster Boy

Adam White curates a collection of posters so beautiful and provocative, they practically become art. Jungle Fever Artist: Art Sims In 1991, Jungle Fever’s exploration of an affair between a high-powered black architect and his white co-worker was beguiling in its controversy, its poster almost deceptively romantic and sensual. Until you notice the woman’s blood-red nails and…

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Decades of Film: 1980s

‘HEEEERE’S STANLEY!’ Stanley Kubrick: recluse, perfectionist, innovator, chess player, family man, uncompromising genius, a whirlwind of creative force who was as loved by audiences as he was hated by critics. Known for exploring the sinister and the macabre, Kubrick rapidly established a reputation for fearlessly exposing the dark side of human nature. This can be…

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Mental illness is film

Film is a powerful medium. It can inform, entertain, influence: what we experience on screen feeds into our opinions, whether we know it or not. Mental illness is a subject that has long been popular within cinema, however, with this delicate issue that is often stigmatised or misunderstood, it is unsurprising that its representation can…

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