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Review: Wasp at UEA’s Drama Studio

Wasp, at UEA’s drama studio, creates an atmosphere of poignancy even as you walk in the room.  The play is staged in the round, with the audience seated looking onto the little wooden stool that forms the extent of the set for the whole piece. As we come in, we are introduced to two of…

Climate Change, Home of the Wonderful

UEA’s COP26 Festival: Voices from the Reeds, “a magical mystery water-land”

The Voices from the Reeds performance took the audience on an environmental journey around the UEA Lake and Norfolk’s rich ecological history through a series of dramatic readings from Professor Steve Waters’ playscript. The first dramatic performance encouraged the audience to engage in the relationship between gender, sexuality, and the natural world, an intersection often…


How theatre is helping create conversation about mental health: An interview with playwright Mark Daniels on his new play Coronavirus-A Great British farce.

After being met with such incredible audience reactions and reviews, playwright Mark Daniels’ show Coronavirus – A Great British Farce, based on his own diaries from lockdown, is coming to The Garage in Norwich on the 18th November. Could you start off by telling me about the play itself? So, it’s a comedy, it’s surreal,…


Nothing Happens in a Petrol Station

On opening night, I huddled into UEA’s Drama Studio for Minatour’s first show of their season. I was also particularly excited as it was my first piece of live theatre I had seen since the pandemic. The play entitled Nothing happens in a Petrol Station performed for three nights at UEA’s Drama Studio. It was…


Theatre’s Intermission is Over

I describe myself as a theatre kid without the talent that most theatre kids possess. I adore everything about a trip to the theatre, I nearly exclusively listen to show tunes, and I collect all my theatre trip programmes. If I had a lick of talent, I would have been the most unbearable kid growing…

Arts, Climate Change

“It’s moved from a problem for the next generation to a problem for right now and we’re not ready for it”: UEA Professor and playwright Steve Waters reflects on his work on climate change

Steve Waters’ ‘The Secret Life of Plays’ became a staple of my bedside table reading stack before coming to university. Renowned as “the place where literature lives”, UEA has seen the birth of countless award-winning works of fiction, poetry, and drama, with a collection of critically acclaimed professors to match. Described as “one of the…


Three must-see plays written by women

One of the things that I feel most personally robbed of by the pandemic is the cosy ritual of going to the theatre. Having always been a theatre kid at heart, I’ve found comfort in reading the plays I so desperately miss seeing live. Here are three iconic plays by female writers to keep your…

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