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A Guide to Interrailing

Every summer waves of young people travel abroad using interrail, ready for an adventure. This quick guide contains helpful tips on how to interrail and useful nuggets of information to set you on your way Travel on the cheap So, I may have spent around £1000 interrailing (and scrimped throughout my third year), but I…


The Thursford Christmas Spectacular

This year is the second time I’ve been to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular and it was just as amazing as the first time. When my grandparents asked me if I wanted to go, it was back during the summer as tickets sell out rapidly. Thursford is only an hour away from Norwich; we got there…


The Finance Roundup

Interest rates set to rise The Bank of England has hinted that a rise in the interest rates could happen sooner than expected. Currently sitting at 0.5 percent, some economists are predicting a rise could come as soon as May this year. This would mean the cost of borrowing money will rise, and people will…

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Big Dreams For a Big Weekend

If you don’t know already…where have you been!? You really need to start checking Twitter more often. Greg James was recently in town to announce that the first major festival of the year would be in our very own university city: Radio 1’s Big Weekend is coming to Norwich! 2014 was a year of big,…

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