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Norwich: tips and tricks

If you’re thinking this guide is going to tell you about Norwich’s history, population size or nature reserves, stop reading here – go to tourist information, grab a coffee, then come back to this page. This is for the fresher and returning student- the student who is fairly familiar with Norwich, and the student who…


Lifestyle’s lifehack corner

University work taking up most of your time? These handy little lifehacks could help you with life’s other dilemmas! To get rid of the stems from strawberries, use a straw Green fingers from your ring? Using clean varnish around the inside of the ring will prevent this To prevent burning yourself when lighting a candle,…


Sick Of Being Sick In January

January has always been known as prime time for us students to catch colds and pick up bugs, as we return from our warm homes with well-stocked fridges. Have you already come down with something when we’ve only been back ten minutes? Have you got a sore, red nose from the cheap tissues you’ve been…


Beat the deadline pressures: Solutions for sleepless nights

As the end of term approaches, our routines are transformed into endless days sat in the library, surrounded by books and sat staring at our laptop screens desperately awaiting the arrival of some intellectual inspiration. The inevitable all-nighters many of us are familiar with mean that we don’t get nearly as much sleep as we…


High cost of university affecting new students’ academic preparation

Results from a Which? University survey have revealed that prior to the start of term, new students spend more time worrying about their finances than investigating their pre- course work. The results indicated that over three quarters of new university students research into what financial help is available from their university, while just over one…


Eyes open, ready to learn

It’s no secret that revision isn’t the most exciting thing to spend your day doing, but it doesn’t have to get you down. We all hit the wall eventually, lose hope of ever seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but here’s a few little ideas to help you stay motivated and keep…

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