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A tour guide to Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent is the home of the Potteries; with its residents famously gaining the nickname of the Potters. Though, there is much more to do and see here than just the pot banks and museums. Before we get onto everything else Stoke has to offer, I have to talk about the history of the Potteries. The…


The Truth about Tour

Last year, Concrete ran a front page story looking at tour (‘What happens on tour stays on tour…’, Concrete 351.) Alas, it did until Concrete published a list of ‘rules’ supposedly given to Netball tour freshers. The article could easily have given the impression to the – pardon the pun – uninitiated that tour was…


Mental health and music

CW: Mental health, suicide The music industry is well known for its highs and lows. Despite this, so many people seem to flock to the business. I became acutely aware of the toll that music can take on mental health last summer, sat behind the bins of a pub in Leeds, having a full-on panic…


Review of Rambert – Life is a Dream

Life is a Dream follows a different format than the shows Rambert usually bring on tour; instead of a myriad of pieces performed separately between intervals, this production focused on something like a full-length play, drawing on a range of influences. The dance show is primarily based upon the play Life is a Dream, written by…


A tour of Norwich Cathedral

If you’ve been to Norwich – as you definitely should have done by now! – you will have realised a few things. Firstly, there are a lot of pubs. And secondly, there are a lot of churches. Norwich has a pub for every day of the year and more churches than there are Sundays. But…

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Postcards from Norwich: Alvarez Kings

Pop-rockers Alvarez Kings came to Norwich for their biggest show yet in support of Switchfoot. Nick Mason caught up with the band’s frontman, Simon. Hi Simon. I first saw you in 2014. You’ve come a long way and dropped your debut album, Somewhere Between, this year. How’s it felt finally getting the debut out? Simon:…

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Interview – Clean Cut Kid

Liverpudlian quartert Clean Cut Kid have enjoyed a dramatic rise in popularity since the release of debut smash ‘Vitamin C’ last summer. They’ve been touted by Radio 1, featured on Spotify’s ‘Viral Chart’, and have performed at Reading and Leeds. Alice Mortimer sat down with the band before their gig at the Waterfront in support…

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