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Country Spotlight: Paraguay

When hearing of someone’s trip to South America it’s not often you’ll hear of a visit to Paraguay. As one of the smaller countries in the continent, it isn’t home to classically mainstream tourist attractions. But it doesn’t need them with fascinating sights and monuments of its rich history paired with a subtropical climate, rarely…

Climate Change

Ecotourism: Travel and Climate

Pina Coladas on a sandy beach, palm trees, and the smell of fabulous food. These are a few of our favourite things. But what if the holidays you craved were the exact source of climate change, a reality credibly accepted as the cause of human action? Would the cocktails on the beach suddenly become rather…


‘How Getting Outside Can Help You On The Inside’

As we approach Winter it can be useful to acknowledge the importance of nature to positive mental health. With temperatures dropping and days shortening, it becomes easier to stay inside. However, when you are outside amongst nature it is an all-consuming experience, not only providing your body with Vitamin D and reducing stress but acting…


The Dangers of Voluntourism: Why wanting to ‘Make a Difference’ is not enough

“Do you love to travel? Are you passionate about making a difference?” You’ve probably seen a similar slogan before. This time, an organisation called Play Action International is advertising an opportunity to build a playground in Uganda. Upon closer inspection, this turns out to be a ‘voluntourism’ trip, where volunteering is combined with travel opportunities…


Getaway Abroad to Hong Kong

Three months ago, I landed home. However, I spent almost one month in quarantine. After multiple hurdles at border control and regular health checkups to bypass, I realised freedom was a luxury. This freedom cost me a great amount. From expensive Covid-19 testing services in the United Kingdom to my 21-day hotel fees in Hong…


(Re)discover Norwich

Norwich is rightly described as a fine city. For new and returning students, Norwich is a hugely exciting place to be, and the range of activities you can do and places you can visit is vast. Although I’ve spent a lot of time here, since the end of lockdown there are so many things I’ve…

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