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Getaway Abroad to Hong Kong

Three months ago, I landed home. However, I spent almost one month in quarantine. After multiple hurdles at border control and regular health checkups to bypass, I realised freedom was a luxury. This freedom cost me a great amount. From expensive Covid-19 testing services in the United Kingdom to my 21-day hotel fees in Hong…


(Re)discover Norwich

Norwich is rightly described as a fine city. For new and returning students, Norwich is a hugely exciting place to be, and the range of activities you can do and places you can visit is vast. Although I’ve spent a lot of time here, since the end of lockdown there are so many things I’ve…


Why I can’t wait to be in Leipzig again

Waking up to the smell of fresh bread wafting up from the bottom floor bakery. Chugging coffee like it’s water throughout the day. Persuading the bureaucratic train conductor that my ticket is very much still valid. Having a breakdown over the dative case, yet again. It feels like a life-time ago since I lived in…

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Getaway: Home or Abroad?

Abroad The moment of excitement when I looked down from the aircraft to the Lego-sized Hong Kong was hard to forget. Up in the wisps of clouds and pivoting above familiar landscapes, I was buzzing with anticipation. 10 months – it had been 10 months since I’d stepped foot in Hong Kong. I’d made it…


The Best Cities in Germany

In these uncertain times, you’ve probably set your sights for your next trip a little closer to home. As one of our closest European neighbours, how about Germany? I’ve rounded up the best cities to visit, highlighting some lesser-known gems as well as ways to rediscover the cities you might already know. Germany is a…


Why Everyone Should Try Solo Travelling At Least Once

For many people, travelling alone can seem daunting, scary, and anxiety-inducing. For others, it produces a sense of liberation, self-confidence, and empowerment. I believe that even a short solo trip can be incredibly educational and can help broaden our perspectives. So why are people often apprehensive about solo travel? It’s mostly because of the feeling…


Why I Travel

I’ve never been able to fathom why anyone would want to stay in the same place for their entire life. Of course, everyone’s entitled to do whatever makes them happiest, but I’m hyperaware that there’s an entire world out there, waiting to be discovered! Filled with new experiences to discover, new people to meet, and…


A quick portrait of ecotourism

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) defines ecotourism as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education.” But what is it really? Ecotourism requires conscious travel with consideration of impacts on local communities and the environment. It gives a positive and educational experience…

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