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An Expected Nuisance For Unexpected Guest

Christmas: a time of peace, goodwill, and it turns out racism. This year’s John Lewis Christmas advert, Unexpected Guest, has been released and it has been met by a vocal minority with accusations of ‘wokery’ – shorthand for what most of us pleasant people would call modern and progressive. Just so we are clear, the…

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#NotAWitch: The Witches and Disability

We all suffer from the odd moment of mind boggling brainlessness. Warner Bros just had theirs after releasing “The Witches”, an adaptation of the 1983 novel by British writer Roald Dahl. The main issue relates to director Robert Zemeckis’s seeming ignorance towards the very concept of disability, unequivocally blurring the line between physical impairment and…


The rise of self-publishing

We are coming to the end of the decade, and one thing that has changed over the past ten years is the process of publishing written work. Authors are becoming more comfortable, and more likely, to self-publish their work rather than follow traditional publishing routes, as online resources make this easier to do. However, I…


Welcome (back) to the Black Parade – MCR are back

Emo twitter is thriving. On 31st October, a fitting holiday for the band, My Chemical Romance announced an LA reunion show in December. Since this news, several more shows have been announced, mostly regarding Download Festivals in different countries. So far, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand have been lucky enough to have the iconic rock…


Surge in number of politics students since referendum

In the divisive era of Brexit, Trump, and the climate crisis, it is university politics departments who are reaping the benefits, with applications to politics courses up 28% since the 2016 Brexit referendum. Professor Lee Marsden, Head the Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication department at UEA, says that, “since 2016, there has been considerable growth…

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