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A world without literature

Imagine a world without art, language and literature to express ourselves; where the civilising aspects of the human race cease to exist. The ability to convey oneself through creative means is a powerful device. During our short existence on earth all our experiences are fragmented: dispersed thoughts, hopes and dreams, making life (at times) isolating…

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Preview: UEA Spring Literary Festival

Once again a collection of writers join the walkways of UEA for a celebration of the nation’s great literary prowess. Last semester saw the likes of Stephen Fry and UEA’s very own creative writing graduate Ian McEwan sit before eager ears and tell of the various inspirations and creative developments of their often very turbulent…

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Review: ‘The Head That Bears’ at UEA Drama Studio

Imagine the storytelling of Angela Carter, the darkness of Chaucer in The Pardoner’s Tale, and a kind of sub-Nabokovian verbal dexterity that can shift fluidly between prose and verse, and come out with phrases like ‘a bundle of bare skin on the bearskin rug’, and you’ll have some idea of what The Head That Bears…