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UK Government misses deadline on confirming whether controversial £217million pound revamp of Anglia Square begins construction.

The UK government has missed the deadline for deciding on whether the renovation of Norwich City’s Anglia Square is to go ahead. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government stated that Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick would not be publishing the details of the decision by the agreed upon deadline of…


Home office wrongly deported 48,000 students, rules tribunal

The Home Secretary wrongly deported 48,000 students and 70% of those affected are of Indian origin according to a tribunal. The scandal began with a BBC Panorama programme in 2014, which investigated the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) that was run by ETS from an East London school. Panorama’s revelation was the catalyst…


Government blunders over 71,000 expired student visas

The government has admitted Home Office staff have lost track of over 71,000 people who had their student visa expire in 2015. Currently most international students apply for a Tier 4 visa before studying in the UK and there is no limit on the number of student visas that can be issued. The figures were…


Is the government’s drive to increase the number of academies coming at the detriment of students’ education?

Ever since Tony Blair’s government established the first string of academies with the Learning and Skills Act of 2000, and particularly since the Conservative party’s return to government in the 2010 election, the shift towards academisation of England’s schools has proceeded at a startling rate. Almost two thirds of the country’s secondary schools now either…


Cameron backs plans for new higher education legislation

The Prime Minister is said to be in support of the need to introduce new higher education legislation. A consultation paper was released by the UK government on 6th November that could result in a reformed higher education system, with changes proposed to tuition fees, administration, and quality assurance. It proposes a system by which…

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