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Cecil Rhodes statue to be taken down by Oxford University

In 2015, the ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ movement began with the removal of a commemorative statue from the University of Cape Town. This led to an initiative which aimed to decolonise South African education. Five years later, protestors demanded the removal of a similar statue at Oriel College, Oxford University. Cecil Rhodes served as Prime Minister…


UEA to join Civic Universities Network

It has been announced that UEA is to join the new Civic Universities Network, along with around 60 other universities in the UK. Civic Universities are in place to help connect each institution to its local city area by figuring out how they can help influence their local community. By being a part of this…


We can’t let lockdown ruin the economy

The UK death toll from coronavirus stands over 20,000. It’s going to get worse, but how bad does the economy have to get before we’re forced out of this current state of lockdown? I understand the dilemma. Over the last few days, Dominic Raab, Damian Green and Edward Argar have all explained that the state…

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