UEA professor Catherine Rowett elected as MEP

UEA philosophy professor Catherine Rowett has been elected as an MEP for the Greens in the UK’s European elections. In her acceptance speech she said, “Now is the time for action, not words.” For the election the UK was split into twelve sections in terms of area. Norwich was in the East of England area….


‘Brexit is genuinely pointless’

Several of the most important votes in recent British political history took place this month. The first of these was another vote on Theresa May’s negotiated deal, also known as Meaningful Vote 2. This was once again rejected, though this time it was the fourth largest defeat in Parliamentary history as opposed to the largest….

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Ukeep out of our election

UKIP swung into the limelight in 2014, capturing the nations attention with “traditionally conservative values” and the aim of leaving the EU. Much of their popularity was not a result of their policies, it was a result of people deriding them as “fruitcakes, loonies, and closet racists.” Their shiny new manifesto opens by reminding us…


Local elections round up

Norwich Labour Party retained control of Norwich City Council in last month’s elections, while Norfolk’s Independent Police and Crime Commissioner, Stephen Bett, lost his bid for re-election and was replaced by Conservative Lorne Greene. Labour Within Norwich, Labour gained 4 seats from the Green Party, increasing their majority on the city council. In University ward,…

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Free speech at UEA is at risk

Last week proved to be a very important week in relation to freedom of speech and censorship. First there was the revelation that universities may be made exempt from Freedom of Information (FOI) requests; then Spiked.com released its free speech university rankings, giving UEA a red (compared to last year’s green); and Friday was the…


Ukip should not be using Pride as a political platform

On 27th June, LGBT+ communities from around the country congregated at Baker Street, London, before commencing on the Pride in London Parade of 2015. The parade, held in London each year, aims to unite communities and promote rights and freedom for LGBT+ people; the march consists of the groups who support these aims, charities, non-governmental…

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Review: UKIP: The First Hundred Days

The opening scene of Channel 4’s mockumentary UKIP: The First Hundred Days features a disclaimer: “None of the events that follow have actually happened.” Its implied qualifier ‘yet’ is left out, but nevertheless hangs over the show. Border raids! Far-right riots! Mass unemployment! This could yet be a vision of the potential, horrifying, future under…


Election Countdown

The general election is just around the corner, and yet, we have been very much thrown into the deep end. Political pundits say that this will be the longest election in history, so is no surprised that the rhetoric and name calling has already begun, but what is more crucial is that it will be…

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