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Free tuition for Ukrainian refugees at Scottish universities

Ukrainian refugees will be able to study at Scottish universities free of charge this autumn. Under proposals from the Holyrood government, Ukrainians will qualify for home fee status, meaning the £1,820 fees for undergraduate courses will be covered by the university.  Additional living cost support will also be available to Ukrainians who are eligible to…

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Make it count

I love apricots. Juicy, tangy, subtle enough to feel fresh, small enough to carry in a lunchbox.  A few days ago, I ate an apricot on the bus to campus. It filled my body with a sense of joy, watching the sun peak between the trees on the Avenues, a soft breeze clipping my hair…


Britain’s disappointing visa system for Ukraine

“Please do not attempt to travel to the UK without a valid visa.” The statement sits at the top of the Ukrainian advice page on the government website. I mean, it doesn’t say don’t come, but it’s not exactly welcoming either. The refugee crisis continues to intensify. It’s estimated three million citizens have already fled…


Comment: The sporting consequences of Putin’s invasion

Two weeks on from Putin’s inhumane invasion of Ukraine, sport, which has for so long turned a blind eye to conflicts and authoritarian regimes, has finally been forced to pick-a-side. FIFA has a long-standing relationship with Putin having awarded Russia the 2018 World Cup whilst ignoring Russia’s human rights abuses. In 2019, footballer Mesut Özil…


Art in Wartime: Ukraine’s artists respond

War has often produced some of the most recognised pieces of artwork in the world. Simultaneously, war often leads to the mass destruction of art. The initial statement of this article might come as no surprise. Maybe it’s even obvious that this would be the case. After all, many of us would associate art with…


First journalist killed in Ukraine war

Brent Renauld, a 50-year-old American journalist and filmmaker was killed during his reporting of the Ukraine War. He last worked for the Times in 2015 and was working on a Times Studio film about refugees. Known as an award-winning individual, who “tackled the toughest stories around the world often alongside his brother.” The Times expressed…

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