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“We had to jump in the river so the shots didn’t reach us… they were shooting to kill”

Protests have submerged the Chilean capital of Santiago in the most deadly outbreak of violence since the dictatorial regime of Augusto Pinochet.  In recent weeks many have accused the Chilean police and military of using excessive force on those taking part in the protests. One graduate in Santiago, who wishes to remain anonymous for their…


Kashmir remains in lockdown as crisis escalates

For decades Kashmir and Jammu have been disputed and fought over by both India and Pakistan. The region has been subjected to political aggression and rivalry since August 1947, when both countries gained independence. However, the conflict has severely escalated in recent months. The territory has endured three major wars since independence and remains victim…


Hurricane Dorian lashes at the Bahamas

On the 24th August, a tropical depression formed south-east of Barbados. Over a matter of days, as it was studied by NASA satellites, it developed into hurricane Dorian. Passing over Barbados as a tropical storm, Dorian quickly reached hurricane status on the 28th August near the U.S. Virgin Islands. By The 2nd September, Dorian was…

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