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Campus food ‘endangering students’ with allergies

Students have described terrifying experiences of buying foods containing their allergens from campus outlets because ingredients information was not more readily available. Thomas Howard, a second year History student, spoke of his experiences with buying food on campus. Thomas is allergic to mayonnaise and so asked one outlet if a sandwich contained any. Despite being…


Red poppies: ‘symbol of oppression’

UEA Students’ Union (UEA SU) has passed Motion 2006 Remember: Don’t Repeat, which mandates the union to stock both white and red poppies on campus in the run up to Armistice Day in future years. The motion states: “the red poppy is considered by some to be a political symbol with multiple offensive, upsetting and…

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Union snookers Pool society

The UEA Pool and Snooker club is facing an existential crisis after vital facilities promised by the Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) never materialised, following the summer redevelopment of Union House. In an email exchange seen by Concrete, the union has admitted responsibility for the lack of facilities, claiming that that there was a “miscommunication…

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Union council meeting labelled “shambolic” by councillors

Union Council, the democratic decision-making body of the Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) has faced widespread criticism from councillors present at the its first meeting of the year. Last Thursday’s meeting was criticised by councillors who claimed to be “shocked” by council’s conduct, angry at the showcasing of “personality politics” and annoyed that the meeting…


NUS votes to back referendum on student strike

The National Union of Students executive has voted to support calls for a national “student strike” in opposition to the government’s education policies, and has instructed officials to prepare for a possible nationwide ballot of student unions on the issue. At the most recent meeting of the NUS’ National Executive Council (NEC), members backed a…

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