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The systemic racism in UK schools

I grew up in a very small and predominantly white area of Nottinghamshire, a place where racism was rarely ever spoken about or acknowledged. Many people in this area are ignorant in the sense that if racism is not directly affecting them then they can just ignore it, and they steer clear of having those…


World leaders back UK Novichok allegations

Several nations, including the US, France, Germany and Canada, have agreed with the assertion made by the UK government that Russia “almost certainly” approved the poisoning of former double-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury in March of this year.   Skripal – who is alleged to have blown the cover of over…

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Gaming Across the World

[su_spoiler title=”UK – Land of Hope and Sackboy” style=”simple” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Comment”]Despite the three major consoles coming out from America and Japan, video game development has moved around the globe and here in the UK sales are the third highest in the world. Although the UK gaming industry only employs around 7,000 people, it has a…


When one man’s terrorist becomes another’s freedom fighter

Once more, the political battleground is tense: populated by representatives of opposing ideals, the world wonders whether any form of solution will ever be agreed. The backdrop in question here is not the Palace of Westminster, the Oval Office or the Assemblé Nationale, but a small, snow-covered farmstead in the western American state of Oregon….