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“Iraq had been decimated… I really felt for the people”: an interview with former United Nations Weapons Inspector Mike Barley

Zoom seems an unlikely place to be conducting an interview with a former United Nations Weapons Inspector, and further still to be discussing his tours in Iraq in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Yet here we are. Former United Nations (UN) Weapons Inspector Mike Barley was seconded to Iraq three times in 1996-7 at…


Biden has promised a new era of diplomacy in a speech delivered to the UN

American president Joe Biden promised an end to “relentless war” and the beginning of “relentless diplomacy” at a speech delivered to the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly. In the speech, Biden described the withdrawal from Afghanistan in early September as a turning point in American international relations as America marks the “first…


Sudan coup attempt fails

Authorities in Sudan reported on 21st September that a coup attempt against the transitional government, the Sovereignty Council, had failed. Government officials say those behind the attack were soldiers loyal to the previous ruler Omar al-Bashir who after three decades had been deposed in 2019. 21 officers have been arrested in the aftermath of this…

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Landmark study reveals climate change is a “code red for humanity”

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has today released a 42-page document detailing humanity’s harmful impact on the environment. One of the report’s authors Professor Ed Hawkins said: “It is a statement of fact, we cannot be any more certain; it is unequivocal and indisputable that humans are warming the planet”. It is hoped…


UN Human Rights Chief calls for a stop to racism

The United Nations Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet has called for equality in her recent report regarding racism. By advocating human rights on the behalf people from African descent, she argued states should “stop denying – and start dismantling”. This report was based on findings across 60 countries and concluded discrimination against those of African…


International Women’s Day to be held on the 8th of March

The annual commemoration which focuses on the liberation and equality of women is on the 8th of March. The International Women’s Day 2021 campaign theme is #choosetochallenge. The charity behind the event International Women’s Day has focused 2021’s theme around the idea of challenging everyday bias and calling out inequality: “We can all choose to…


China and Russia to join UN Human Rights Council

China and Russia have both been re-elected for another three-year term to the UN Human Rights council. China ran against five other nominations in the Asia-Pacific region and whilst votes for the country were significantly down from the previous election in 2016, Beijing maintained its seat. Russia ran unopposed for the seat in the Eastern…

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