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UEA introduces ‘safety net’ for students

UEA has announced a ten-point plan for undergraduate assessment in summer 2020 after concerns the coronavirus pandemic may affect students’ grades. This comes as close to 1,800 students signed a petition calling for the University to “implement a no-detriment policy for end of year exams”. Harriet Davies, 21, is a third year Chemistry student at…


UEA cancels graduation

UEA has decided to cancel graduation in July later this year owing to the coronavirus pandemic. UEA’s Vice Chancellor Prof David Richardson said he had taken the decision “with great sadness”. The University confirmed the graduation ceremonies have not been postponed but outrightly cancelled, although in an email to students Prof Richardson said “we will…


UEA suspends face-to-face teaching and public events

UEA has suspended all face-to-face teaching from March 16 until April 19 “as a precautionary measure” against the coronavirus pandemic. The University has also postponed public events until the same date. In an email sent to students the University said: “All teaching will be delivered via Blackboard. All classroom and laboratory teaching will cease.” It added: “We expect…

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