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Up-roar at tiger parks in the US

The recent Netflix documentary, ‘Tiger King’, provided an enlightening insight into the wacky and wild world of tiger parks, particularly showing how many tiger parks’ treatment of the animals they claim to care for is poor, and possess a risk to the welfare of the exotic animals they keep in captivity.  There are more tigers…


Confusion over black boxes in Iran

Iranian forces recently admitted to ‘unintentionally’ shooting down a Ukraine International Airlines flight from Tehran, killing all 179 passengers. But still, few are aware of the exact location of the aircraft’s black box, causing fresh concern. Canadian President Justin Trudeau has promised ‘justice’ for the victim’s families, insisting the black box be sent to France,…


‘It’s a shame and it’s infuriating’

In the wake of the announcement that ISIS had been defeated, the US withdrew troops from Syria, with an understanding that there wouldn’t be fighting between the Kurds and Turkey. However, President Erdogan took the opportunity to launch an invasion into Northern Syria and push back the US-backed Kurdish fighters. As a result, Trump sent…

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