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Measles vaccine uptake hits new low

In the UK, the number of children unvaccinated against Measles is rising, adding to the 170 million cases globally. Around 95 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated for herd immunity to take effect – this is when people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons are naturally protected by others who have been…


The student guinea pig

We all understand the stress of thousands of pounds of student debt looming over us (sorry to remind you of that), but just how far would you go to pay off the money you owe? Some students are going to extents that may be considered extreme. In order to be paid sums of up to…


Boys to get HPV vaccine

The life saving vaccine that hundreds of teenage girls have received since 2008 will be extended to boys too, it was announced in July.   Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a leading cause of throat cancers, and as more than 30 people are diagnosed with oral cancers every day in the UK, it’s crucial that…