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7 ways to make travel more ethical

By now most people are aware of the myriad of ethical issues involved in anything we do, not least travelling, but how can we help this? What can we do to make travelling better for people and the planet? There’s a common misconception that being ethical is expensive, but I strongly believe this is mostly…


Medicinal cannabis on path for legalisation

It is now September. The long days of summer are fleeting, and autumn will soon be in our midst. While the green leaves turn into sunsets on the trees, a different type of greenery is soon to be available to purchase for “exceptional circumstances”. As of this new season, specialist doctors in the UK will…

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Valuing arts and crafts

The world of art is a prestigious one that can often seem mysterious to the ordinary eye. We stand back and admire, usually in awe or confusion, and wish that we could create something of similar wonder. Art galleries can sometimes seem daunting and impersonal if one lacks artistic experience. Perhaps crafts are the gateway…

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To buy or not to buy

I think it’s safe to say most people desire a designer item or two at some point in their lives. Whilst this desire may not amount to an actual purchase (due to the heavy pricing) but the desire is there nonetheless. Designer clothing and accessories have always been notoriously hard hitting on the wallet, which…


University: is it worth it?

University. A word which you have most probably uttered one too many times over the summer. Whether it be in anticipation of returning to UEA or in excitement about starting afresh and beginning the three or so years of your university career; in both the enjoyment and fear due to not knowing what to expect….

January 2022
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