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Venue at the Venice Film Festival

The 76th Venice International Film Festival was definitely the experience of the year for me. Not only because I was about to see some of the most anticipated films of the year, but because I was among the lucky ones that got to see films like Marriage Story or Joker before anyone else on this…


The best type of bucket list

Most travellers have bucket lists, and if other travellers’ bucket lists are anything like mine, they are infinitely long. I have come to find that my bucket list has changed in nature over my years of wanting to explore, and in turn have realised there is an art to it. For reasons which I do…


Of boats and books

I recently set out to visit ten of the best independent bookshops in the world, as recommended to me by Guardian readers, in an article by Marta Bausells. Two on the list struck me as being rather odd, for they were on the water…why would anyone dare to sell books on the water?! As I…


The truth about tourism in Venice

Throughout the eighteenth century the ‘grand tour’ saw many young, wealthy aristocrats travel to historic European cities for cultural enlightenment; one of the most popular destinations was the floating city of Venice. Millions of tourists have since travelled to this beautiful metropolis famed for its elegant decay. The Venetian economy has consequently become heavily reliant…

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