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Review: Metro Exodus

Of the many post-apocalyptic video games released over the last decade or so, titles in the Metro franchise have often came as close to the most typical – and, in a sense, brutalistic – visions of a broken future after economic, social and environmental catastrophe. Opening with a nuclear winter that rages across what was…


You Choose – Bandersnatch Review

Is this 80s period piece a step into the future for Netflix? Charlie Brooker’s latest feature-length episode from the anthology series Black Mirror places power and sanity in the hands of the viewer. Within the first couple of minutes you’re asked to make decisions on what you have for breakfast and the music you listen…


Recently Played: Stardew Valley

Over the past month, I’ve been enamoured by Stardew Valley, an indie farming simulator released initially on PC and other ports in 2016, and later on the Nintendo Switch (my console of choice) last year. Why it’s taken me so long to pick it up, I don’t know – its delightful pixel-art style and easy-going…


Review: Super Smash Bros 3DS

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS was released in Europe on October 3rd, and the newest instalment to the franchise will quickly feel familiar to players of the previous titles. The transition to hand-held console has had almost no impact on the game, aside from the option to see fights unfold in 3D. Players will…


Silent Hill: Hype Machine

These days, it is almost impossible to be surprised in the gaming press. Not only has the internet completely changed the way we receive news, but playing more of a bigger part is the attitude of publishers. Sequels and franchises are becoming the cornerstone of the industry. Capitalising on this change in consumer patterns, publishers…

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