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The rise of downloadable content and microtransactions

It’s widely held that microtransactions are the Mecha-Hitler of gaming. Usually the scourge of mobile apps, they lurk in the background of every screen, dully flashing, tempting your eye, waiting for your patience to run thin. Running out of lives on Candy Crush? No matter; for a small fee, you can spend another twenty minutes…

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This year’s new games likely to disappoint

This handover issue comes at a special transitional time for us: exam season is raging, students are heading home, and no one is going to be reading Concrete right now. Therefore, there’s not much point bringing out any especially significant pieces of gaming news. Rather, enjoy a summary of this year’s releases, some light reading,…

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Stardew Valley review

If you’ve ever dreamed of ditching the woes of exam stress and essay-writing to run away to the country and start running a farm then look no further than Stardew Valley. The game, a 2D indie farm-simulator, has you restoring your grandfather’s farm and growing crops through rain and snow. But beyond its simple vision…

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Top 5: Video Games Music

Most games tend to be filled with generic soundtrack ‘action music’, however this means when a soundtrack is good it stands out. In celebration of the Venue Mash Up Edition, I present to you my top five music pieces in gaming. It was hard, there were so many games I wish I could have mentioned….

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Single Player Symphony

For many of us, the soundtracks to our beloved childhoods were born from the greatness of the 8-bit video game era. Is there anything better than the hypnotic sounds waves of your Nintendo ES echoing into your ear? In joyous celebration of these timeless classics, I present a casual, yet nostalgic, stroll down memory card…


Review: Alien Isolation

Alien: Isolation starts off like any typical modern survival horror game. In fact, it begins very similar to Dead Space. The game follows Amanda Ripley, an engineer and daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley. She is seeking answers for what happened to her mother, who has been missing for fifteen years following the events of…


Rampant Hypocrisy

Video games are a relatively young medium. If we assume Spacewar to be one of the first games played on a computer created then they have only been around for half a century. By comparison film has been evolving and growing since the late nineteenth century. The past few years have been a turbulent time…

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