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Return of grunge

Floral dresses are a wardrobe staple irrespective of the season, and for autumn/winter ’19, they are back and even darker than ever. Inspired by the grunge look that thrived in the 90s, it would not be your typical autumn palette without dark colours, such as lavender on navy and vermillion roses. Initially emerging from brands…


Has Anna Wintour killed Vogue?

With the recent announcement of the Met Gala’s 2020 dress code, and her 70th birthday having just passed, Anna Wintour’s influence within fashion and popular culture as a whole, are thrust back into the spotlight. Known for her iconic bob-sunglasses combination, and being the inspiration behind Meryl Streep’s role in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, the…


On a razor’s edge: The Rihanna Vogue cover

Throughout all of history we have seen Hegelian dialectics at work; ideas and trends swing back and forth from the extremes like a pendulum until they synthesise and settle – beauty and fashion is no different. For a long time now, women everywhere have embraced natural and full-bodied brows, with the likes of Cara Delevingne…

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Harnessing Student Talent

Opening speeches from Guardian editor Katherine Viner and editor-in-chief of US Vogue Anna Wintour were broadcast into the dressing room, but the Northern Youth Show team had already fulfilled her advice to “be intellectually free…fearless polymaths”. Her caveats for meeting with Snapchat and Buzzfeed founders were far from wishful ambitions; the show exceeded her advice…

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Alexa Chung x Vogue

The fashion industry is notoriously hard to get into. In new YouTube web series Future of Fashion, Alexa Chung, with British Vogue, explores this and many other preconceptions that we as a society may hold. In the videos she states that “The fashion industry is often a closed book… unless you’re well versed on how…

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Fashion faux pas

The fashion world has long been considered a home for the flamboyant, the outspoken and the bizarre; as such, it is and has always been dogged by controversy. From Vogue Italia’s trend piece on ‘slave earrings’, to John Galliano’s 2002 Christian Dior collection inspired by the homeless (no, really), the fashion industry has proved time…

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