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Volunteering whilst at university

I’ve been involved in some kind of volunteering for most of my life. Due to living in a seaside town, my family was involved in the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) charity for my childhood and teen years. By the time I came to university, I was no stranger to volunteering, both for charities and…


Preparing for the picturesque Peru

“Yeah, you can go!” was not the kind of response I expected from my mother, who has been extremely strict ever since I was young, when I asked if I could go on a volunteering trip to a country that is tremendously far away from home – Peru. No one in my family seemed surprised…


Holiday help

If, like the beloved snowman from Frozen, the dream of the elusive summer is what keeps you sane at this point of the academic year, you are not alone. However, along with the excitement comes the anxiety of how to spend it. There is no prescriptive plan for the perfectly balanced summer, since every student…

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