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Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain

The tune to Oklahoma plays on the school bells as I hurry from the top of campus to the bottom. It is -7 degrees celsius but my Snapchat is blowing up with people drinking snakebites in the UEA square. My campus, is a dry campus. Oklahoma is a difficult place for most people to point…


Pornography: art or not?

Pornography: it’s a presentation of sex most people will have come across at some point. The question is how this presentation differs from the wide array of sexual material found in popular culture – in particular, film. When films like Blue Is the Warmest Colour depict sex scenes that wouldn’t look out of place on…


Ethical travel

In modern society, there is a tendency to not ask questions. Not much consideration is placed on some aspects of life and, as a result, a common disregard for consequences and effects is present. Travel, in recent years, has been commodified, in that people flock to countries in far off lands for the bragging rights,…


Coming Soon in 2019

Escape Room (In Cinemas 4 January) One of the reasons why I’m most interested for this film is because of its release date. The film is set to premiere on the first week of the new year, which is a slot that has an infamy for not being well-received, particularly in the US. I am…


Red Dead Redemption 2

Already being hailed as the ‘game of a generation’, Rockstar’s obsessive fascination with the American dream is realised in unparalleled quality with their latest release, Red Dead Redemption 2. As an avid fan of both the game’s predecessor and the Rockstar franchises in general, I’d been eagerly awaiting the announcement of this game for almost…


Genetics research ‘biased towards studying white Europeans’

Professor David Curtis, a geneticist and psychiatrist from University College London, has raised an issue concerning the heavy bias within genetic research towards white Europeans. Prof Curtis claims that the utilisation of white European samples for genetic tests are insignificant when applied to other ethnic minorities because of genetic variation between ethnicities. Curtis wrote a…

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The Magnificent Seven

Remaking a classic is a daunting task, especially if it’s of a film that’s been celebrated, referenced and spoofed as many times as The Magnificent Seven has. Nonetheless, Antoine Fuqua’s remake of the 1963 Western manages to get the job done, even if it does feel workmanlike in its aspirations. Following a band of men…

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Review – Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk opens with the sound of a man’s throat being cut, with hisses, pops, and crunches as each vein, tendon, and ligament is sliced clean through. The grisly act would appear to foreshadow a film full of violence and bloodshed, yet Bone Tomahawk largely sidesteps the B-movie path, and instead presents a measured Western…

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