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Cuba leads in number of women inventors

New data from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has ranked Cuba the highest for patent applications by women inventors whilst the UK falls behind the rest of Europe.  Cuba and the Philippines ranked highest for the number of patents filed by women inventors in 20221. 53 percent of applications from Cuba and 38 percent…


How International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world

As nations come together to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March to recognize the achievements of women and strive for better gender equality, the question of how the specifics of this day is celebrated varies from country to country. The UK’s celebration focuses primarily on raising awareness of the social and political issues…


Women travellers throughout history

Let me address the mammoth in the room: it is perhaps unusual, one may say improper, for one such as I to write on the topic of women’s history. Men have frequently been much responsible for the current predicament we find ourselves in – and I include history as an aside in this regard. From…

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Women in the Music Industry

Underrepresented and underpaid, women’s professional contribution to the musical arts has been historically undermined, with the music industry often being defined as a male-dominant field in which men primarily benefit from music production sales. While women artists, creatives, producers, and music label executives only make up a small proportion of the industry (despite several individual…

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Shining the Light on Women Directors

When self-proclaimed ‘film buffs’ discuss their favourite directors, the names thrown into the mix are Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock, or Steven Spielberg. They’re all older white men. Now, this isn’t to dismiss their works. It’s a simple observation. The fact is, women directors are often pushed out of these conversations, and it tends…


The Smoke of Student Cooking

University is often the first-time teenagers are left to fend for themselves and all genders are bound to take an adjustment period, but it’s clear that some slip into this lifestyle easier and quicker than others. The majority of us will burn something we didn’t know we could burn, set a smoke alarm or two…

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Global Investigates: Latin America’s femicide crisis

The World Health Organization defines femicide as the “intentional murder of women because they are women.” Globally, there remains a significant lack of data in regards to femicide rates, with many governments failing to collate data specifically relating to the murder of women. Instead, gender based murder is counted amongst overall homicide figures, obscuring the…

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