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My Creative Process

Inspiration and creativity come in all different forms, and it can hit at the most obscure moments. My creative side manifests itself in creative writing. I like writing short stories or poems. For a while, I was getting them out at the speed of light, but I’ve found that it often depends on my mood….

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A self-publishing story

I hate to start this article off with something that sounds a bit cliché, but here goes: ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been writing stories. It’s true though. I remember reading out a short story where the chapters were a few sentences long to my Year 2 classmates. As I’ve got older,…

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How to Disappear

Content Warnings: Eating disorder and self harm  ‘You’re not going until you’ve finished.’ Mum watched and Poppy pretended to chew on the pasta that was slowly congealing on the plate in front of her. ‘Have you got your snack for later?’   ‘You should know; you packed it.’ Poppy wanted to scream but managed to…

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Our Tree

Content Warning- very mild gore, mentions of terminal illness FADE IN: EXT. SOUP TREE HILL – EARLY EVENING  Millie and Adam stand at the top of a long, rolling hill with a lone tree in the middle, which has grown into two large trunks and an excess of bulging roots. The middle of the two…


Q&A with poet and UEA alumnus Luke Wright

You’re touring with your new show Luke Wright, Poet Laureate which must be massively exciting for you – in what way is this show similar or different to the many other shows that you’ve toured with? Fundamentally speaking, I do two different types of shows. Frankie Vah – the last one that I toured with…

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