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Book review: Melmoth by Sarah Perry

Sat on one of the pews in the Unitarian Octagon Church, I cannot help but be in awe of the space. The Book Hive owners were quite right, we would not have all fit in the shop. Once upon a time, before Sarah Perry had become Sarah Perry, her book launches had been hosted in…

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Cold Stone

Stone plinths carry the weight of a cold— Marble mother clinging to a son in rags; Covered in blood and thorns and sorrows. Lying daffodils at their cold carved feet—   Among the cold plethora of your prayers. Feeling the weight of tired gazes on my back; Bathing in tears and sympathies and blessings: They…

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Alcoholic – Or Secret Genius?

“Write drunk, edit sober” is often misattributed to Ernest Hemmingway. Yet, whilst the American author was notoriously fond of drinking, he refrained from doing so whilst writing. When asked in an interview if the rumours of him taking a pitcher of martinis to work every morning were true, he answered: “Jeezus Christ! Have you ever…

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