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My nose, a dripping tap Throat embalmed with phlegm Head hot sticky like a child’s fingers jabbing my brain Body encased in a sea of blankets Distant radio buzz Weight drowning and anchoring me Diving deeper into my humid cave Eyelids falling shut My parents — both together then — piled together on the couch,…


About Lester theatre review

About Lester is a production by Coast to Coast, written and directed by third year English and Drama student Rohan Gotobed. Receiving excellent feedback from its original performance back in June, I was intrigued to attend its recent revival, and was not disappointed. Wonderfully written, the cast successfully execute a range of complex and beautifully…


Book review: Melmoth by Sarah Perry

Sat on one of the pews in the Unitarian Octagon Church, I cannot help but be in awe of the space. The Book Hive owners were quite right, we would not have all fit in the shop. Once upon a time, before Sarah Perry had become Sarah Perry, her book launches had been hosted in…

Creative Writing

Cold Stone

Stone plinths carry the weight of a cold— Marble mother clinging to a son in rags; Covered in blood and thorns and sorrows. Lying daffodils at their cold carved feet—   Among the cold plethora of your prayers. Feeling the weight of tired gazes on my back; Bathing in tears and sympathies and blessings: They…

Creative Writing

The Trees

It was one of those not-quite-autumn days. One of her favourite kind of days. One of those days where it was still warm enough to throw on just a dress and a jacket and not be cold, but where the sun was already low in the sky by the time she caught the 16:41 bus…

Creative Writing

A Wakeful Dark beneath the Eyes

Words cannot describe how sorry I am. I know exactly how you came across this, which books you’ve frantically read, what you desperately scoured the internet for in the dead of night. All in order to find out why your classmate, your friend, your lover, has changed. I know it is starting to tunnel through…

Creative Writing

“Please can I have a bedtime story?”

You beg for a story, it’s long past your bedtime, But I suppose one little tale wouldn’t be a crime, I’ve only just come out to say hello, From the murky depths of your bed below You reach out to feel me, you want a hug Your scent intoxicates me, my own personal drug Breathe…

Creative Writing

Starting Again

The cover cracks unhappily as I thumb the first page and lay the journal open on my bed. The cap comes apart from the pen with a jerk of my arms. I elbow the wall, which is closer than I thought. “Shit,” I hiss, putting the pen between my teeth and rubbing my not-so-funny funny…

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